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Ghosting after the Interview

Is it possible to prevent ghosting after the interview?

Most likely the answer is NO.

Ghosting is not always in your control. There are a couple of things you can do that may help you get the follow up answers you are requesting but it may not always be possible.

Usually, ghosting results from factors outside your control. It can be challenging to prevent ghosting when a company changes hiring priorities, for example, or if an interviewer has gone on vacation or changed roles. Prioritizing interview follow-ups might help prevent being ghosted in the future by reminding an interviewer or recruiter of your candidacy.

Some companies use a standard email to follow up with candidates when they are not moving them to the next round of interviews

- however, most companies/recruiters do not have a set policy. If they are no longer interested in you they simple ignore your text messages, calls or emails.

Stay positive and move to the next opportunity - the main thing is to apply to as many open positions as possible and remember to engage your network.

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