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The Cover Letter (YES or NO)

March 2021

The  Dreaded Cover Letter

Is it important to include a cover letter?  Do employers really read or need them?

The answer is really simple.  YES.  The cover letter show a further employer a couple of things.  It shows that you are taking the job search and potential opportunities seriously.  It also show that you are taking additional initiates to prepare for the position.  

So before you go the lazy way and look at it as one less step - think long and hard about how serious you are with your career and taking the next step to secure it.

Call us so we can assist you in your efforts.

Cover Letter Tips

March 2021

Before you start writing make sure you prep - each letter may change from position to position.

1.  Think about your experience as it relates to the position

2.  How did you hear about the opportunity

3.  What do you know about the organization

4. To whom are you writing

5. Use a standard format

Reach out to us for additional tips and things to avoid when creating your cover letter.


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