Thought-Based Approach

IT All Begins With The Resume

Let Crossroad Marketing assist you with all of your employment needs.  From writing the perfect resume, to preparing for the interview, or guiding you in the right direction.

 After you have everything in line, our staffing division can help you find the perfect job.



We will meet with you in person or conduct an in-depth comprehensive phone interview to assist with creating a professionally crafted resume and / or cover letter to help you obtain your career goals.


Interviewing is a two way street - we will teach you the ABC's of mastering the art of the interview.  The Resume is a key piece but mastering the interview is a strong second.

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The goal of Career Coaching is to empower professionals by helping them make informed decisions about their trajectory.  It is a solutions-based approach to career decisions.  Make sure your resume reflects the job /career you are working towards.

Business Development

Assisting small to mid size and start up businesses establish their brand, initiatives, and activities that make for a better business.  This can start with the initial set up, increase the revenue or growth of an existing business or building strategic partnership that will assist with your strategic plan for your overall business proformance

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