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"5 Strategies for Successfully Asking for a Raise"

There are a lot of basis tips for requesting a salary increase. So many companies seem to be ignoring this step so you may have to put on your big pants and ask the question. However, there are a few tips you need to know and follow before you start.

  1. Benchmark your salary. Do the research and learn the average salary range for your role in similar companies. If you feel that your salary in not inline with the market, now may be a good time to request that increase.

  2. Know your achievements. Are you a top performer in your company? You have to start building your case and being able to analyze your work is part of it.

  3. Prepare for the discussion. Read over your job description to ensure you are handling all aspect of your position. Take note in the areas that you have exceeded your requirements. But be prepared to listen.

  4. Rehearse how to ask for the raise. Sometimes, just like interviewing or public speaking, you need a little practice so you are well prepared for the positive and the potential negative. It is import to follow your mental (written) script making sure you cover all that you need and want to say.

  5. Come with strength. Now is not the time to be shy or meek. Stand strong, and speak with conviction. Remember....confidence not arrogance.

  6. Have a fallback plan. Even following all of the step may not getthe raise you are looking for. Don't be afraid to discuss possible future raises or career advancements. Be prepared to ask what you can do to improve your skills and continue to grow with and in the organization.

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