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Finding a job in 2024 - what can you expect....

In the near term, you can expect a slowing economic growth to cause the unemployment rate to rise to 4.2% on average in 2024.

So what does that mean... Looking for a new job in 2024 is going to be slow moving. You need to remember a couple of things to make this task a successful one.

A couple of tips to remember

  1. Do your research on the job market. Increase your chances of getting a job that's right for you by knowing what's going on in the job market. ...

  2. Target your job search for growing industries. ...

  3. Keep your mind open to new possibilities. ...

  4. Stay positive.

  5. Have an updated resume. (of course I suggest a resume writer)

  6. Stay prepared for an interview (hair, clothes, etc.)

  7. Prep and train for the interview if you are typically not comfortable with that process.

  8. Network, Network and Network some more.

  9. Stay connected on LinkedIn - Make sure the profile is updated.

  10. Most importantly.... reach out for assistance if needed - career coach, resume writer, friend, someone in your network.

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