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The 8 Major Types of Interview

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

  • Informational Interview. ... Objective is to seek advice and learn more about a particular employer, sector or job.

  • Screening or Telephone Interview. ... These types of interviews are proving to be a more cost effective way to screen candidates.

  • Individual Interview. ... Often referred to as a “personal interview” this is the most common type of interview and is usually held face to face at the company’s office

  • Small Group or Committee Interview. ... This can be daunting and intimidating if you are not well prepared in advance.

  • The Second or On-Site Interview. ... The second interview means you have been successful on the first occasion and they would like to know more.

  • Behavioral-Based Interview. ... Known as Critical Behavioral Interviewing (CBI), the theory is that past performance in a similar situation is the best predictor of future performance.

  • Task Oriented or Testing Interview. ... These types of interviews are structured in a way that allows you to demonstrate your creative and analytical abilities in problem solving through varied tasks or exercises

  • Stress Interview.... This method of interview is rare and involves the interviewer baiting you to see your response.

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