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The Scary World of Interviewing

Most individuals have a difficult time when it comes to even thinking about searching for a new job. Unfortunately, these fears are not without merit. However, the key to any successful endeavor is to understand all of your obstacles. There are so simple, somewhat scary, true facts about the job search…. So hold on to your seat and remember the ride will soon end – and the end will be a fabulous new job!

1. Most jobs are a secret

2. The job search drags on for EVERYONE

3. Your embarrassing email address can and will disqualify you

4. Knowing someone on the inside can get you hired

5. Most recruiters don’t read your resume

6. Hundreds of people are applying for the same job

7. 51% of companies are googling candidates

8. Only the top 2% of candidates get interviews

9. The average job seeker takes 10 weeks/2.5 months to find a job

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