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Virtual Interview 2020

Virtual interviews are here to stay for the remainder of 2020 and most likely a good part of 2021. Companies are hiring but will be limiting the amount of face time they may have with a potential candidate. It is important to remember that this is NOT a phone screen. Traditionally a phone screen is a pre-interview step and follows with a more formal face to face interview. A virtual interview is the interview. All the decision makers will be on the call and will extend on offer based solely on that process. So what does that mean….. Make sure you have tested the technology prior to starting, Set yourself up with minimized distractions with a professional backdrop. Monitor your body language and make sure you dress the part. Maintain eye connection and be prepared to ask and answer all the same interview type questions. But always remember. RELAX and be YOURSELF….Put your best foot forward and CLOSE THE DEAL!!!

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